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New with SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture

Everything at a glance with SIMATIC WinCC OA OPERATOR

Good news for all users of the Scada system SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture: from now on your working lives are likewise being made easier. With the mobile app SIMATIC WinCC OA OPERATOR, you can monitor and control your system easily from your smartphone.

SIMATIC WinCC OA OPERATOR displays the process data, availability and status of your system. Operating personnel have 24/7 online access to the system and can react instantly thanks to an immediate alert function. This saves precious time and ultimately enhances system availability.

The main functions at a glance

  • Home screen with widgets, the latest alarm and two important project values

  • Alert screen with filtering and sorting options

  • Trending of single values even with compressed values

  • Lists of self defined groups for displaying values and commands

  • Map with locations of the different plants/facilities with filtered alarms

Simple and intuitive operation

To ensure that the user can monitor and control the system easily and intuitively, emphasis was given to usability throughout the app's development.

The app comprises five elements.

The home screen displays a general overview. It shows the two most important process values and the most recent alert. Additionally, up to 40 widgets can display; these can contain process values and status information on the WinCC OA system and its users.

The alert screen displays acknowledged and unacknowledged alerts which, depending on the user's authorization status, can be acknowledged. Sorting and filtering functions allow a clear overall view of data in the entire system.

The value groups display all data point elements in the respective group. The detail screen for each group displays the data point element, time-stamp and trend. By rotating the smartphone, the trend can display in landscape format. The user can toggle between the various time ranges and zoom in on them, using the multitouch feature.

The command groups section allows the appropriately authorized user the capability to modify the values.

The locations section provides an easy-to-read map showing the locations of installations within the overall system and also indicates the sum alerts for each location.
The detail screen for each location displays the exact location using satellite imagery, the sum alert, a description of the location, as well as the alerts, values and command groups of the respective location.

Easy-to-use wizard for configuring the app

A special wizard provides a quick and easy way to configure the app and its contents. Drag and drop support allows the user to transfer the selected data point elements on to the screen and configure their preferred presentation mode. A total of 40 data groups, each with 40 data point elements are configurable. This means that with SIMATIC WinCC OA OPERATOR, the user can monitor and control a total of 1,600 data point elements.
The wizard is currently available at the ETM Portal as a patch for SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture Version 3.11.1 and is integrated as a standard feature starting with WinCC OA 3.12 - available for Windows and Linux.

WinCC OA Operator App Configuration Wizard

Secure data transmission

High priority during the app's development was also given to security.
SIMATIC WinCC OA OPERATOR communicates using https servers via an SSL-encrypted XML-RPC interface. The SSL certificate can be easily imported.


The app SIMATIC WinCC OA OPERATOR is available for all iOS devices starting with iOS6 on the App Store, in German and English.

An Android version of the app will be available soon.