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Smart Analysis using SmartSCADA

WinCC OA SmartSCADA Icon

Data is the goldmine of the 21st Century – both for the consumer industry and industrial enterprises. The data volumes are however rapidly growing and it is often unclear which data can be used and how.

The optional WinCC OA SmartSCADA supports smart analysis and appraisal of infrastructural installations through key performance indicators (KPI) along with subsequent optimization through statistical techniques.

Data mining is used to select relevant data from large data volumes whereby relations and dependencies between various process values are recognized and used for further classification. During the classification of the selected data, results are linked, conditions automatically recognized, and named by the user. Such analyzed data is used for drafting statistical models. These models can then be used for optimizing the installation, for instance to run efficient root cause analysis. This can be done using both historical and real-time data.


In addition to the KPI, data mining and classification functions, WinCC OA SmartSCADA also offers a generic interface to "R" which allows further processing of SCADA system data directly using statistical methods. “R” is a free programming language for statistical data analysis.

WinCC OA SmartSCADA is sector independent and can be deployed for manifold applications including wind power installations, energy supply systems or large production facilities.

With the SmartSCADA option, WinCC OA can be used for root cause analysis, preemptive maintenance, condition monitoring, and much more.

The SmartSCADA video gives a clear presentation of the available functionalities.