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And the Oscar goes to … ETM receives the USA-BIZ-Award for the very first time

If you want to succeed in the US market you need premium products and strong partnerships. The USA-BIZ-Award, the “WirtschaftsOskar”, awarded for outstanding achievements demonstrates the innovative power of Austrian Enterprises.

ETM professional control GmbH succeeded for the first time in bringing home the coveted award in the category Innovation. The decisive factor for the award of most innovative enterprise was successful completion of several projects in 2016 on the US market.

With its seventh USA-BIZ-Award the Austrian Trade Commission Los Angeles, part of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, honors outstanding achievements of Austrian enterprises on the US market. The USA-BIZ-Award is granted in the categories innovation, investment, start-up, market penetration, trendsetter and spectacular.

USA-BIZ-Award 2017 in the category Innovation

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    Strong Partnerships are the Key to Success

    A major pillar underlying the business success in the USA is on one hand the WinCC OA Competence Center in Plano, Texas, and on the other the WinCC OA partner KAASM in Seattle, Washington. Being a WinCC OA Partner from the very start in the USA, KAASM excels through comprehensive SCADA and extensive sector expertise across various industries, allowing successful deployment of SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture SCADA software in the USA.

    Significant References Demonstrate our Success in 2016

    In 2016 we succeeded in gaining the aircraft manufacturer Boeing in Seattle, Washington as a customer, the SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture SCADA system being used for the 777X aircraft from this point on. The tasks covered by the software include control of laser alignment for aircraft assembly and monitoring of the automatically controlled vehicles in the manufacturing area.

    WinCC OA has been in use for a security system at Linde Electronics at their premises in Medford, Oregon for some months. The SCADA system manages staff tracking across the entire premises using RFID readers. Multiple alert levels, emergency lighting, a public announcement system as well as collecting station with automated check-in/out are managed by WinCC OA.

    At Fresenius Medical Care in Waltham, Massachusetts, the existing system was replaced with WinCC OA in 2016. The SCADA system is used for data validation in production. The requirements of medical engineering pursuant to CFR21-11 were thereby to be complied with.

    Two renowned breweries, Hop Valley Brewing and Whipple Brewing & Distilling, both from Reno, Nevada, were equipped with WinCC OA in 2016. The breweries now have state-of-the art equipment ensuring beer enjoyment in the years to come.

    In early 2016, Jaxon Energy, an oil and gas refinery based in Mississippi, was looking for a control system for their new refinery which primarily can be flexibly deployed for various raw material types. Thanks to the comprehensive functionalities of WinCC OA the system was successfully implemented at the latest Jaxon Energy facilities.