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New WinCC OA Partner certified

Our powerful network of partners generates innovative solutions for our customers. Over recent weeks, we have been pleased to welcome one more new WinCC OA partner into the fold, who we would like to introduce to you here.


The WinCC OA Solution Partner Vertech is a control and information system integrator based in Phoenix, Arizona in the US.
The company has offices in Irvine, California and Nashville, Tennessee. Their team of programmers provides automation and information programming for clients in several markets including solar energy generation, water purification, metals and minerals mining, craft brewing, and a variety of component manufacturing clients.
The extensive expertise in PLC/PAC engineering and HMI/SCADA programming brings value to their clients in traditional automation projects. This expertise also provides a solid foundation for the integration of plant floor information into MES and ERP applications including OEE, traceability, and maintenance management systems.
One of the currently realized projects undertaken by Vertech is a gas furnace control system. This project successfully delivered on the primary goal of designing a standard gas furnace control system for the client’s entire fleet of furnaces. SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture was chosen as the operator interface for its flexibility and seamless integration with the other Siemens hardware on the project. The system underwent a comprehensive third party review to ensure compliance with NFPA 86 standard.