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ETM is the most successful “Golden Mid-Sized Business” in Burgenland

The Austrian Wirtschaftsblatt, KSV1870 and PwC Austria again announced the annual Austria’s Leading Companies (ALC). ETM professional control GmbH ranked yet again first.

A very strict corporate check was to be passed prior to being granted the award at Schloss Esterhazy. The jury appraised both the liquidity and revenue ratios of the last three years. The sustainable management of the Burgenland software developer of the SCADA software SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture was then awarded first rank in the category “Golden mid-sized businesses” in Burgenland. ETM ranked third in the overall Austrian "Golden mid-sized business" category.

ETM professional control doubled its staff in the recent years, and continues to grow. “We have been growing significantly for ten years. We are very proud to so stand above many other companies” states Bernhard Reichl, CEO ETM. ETM has been a wholly owned Siemens group subsidiary since 2007. Reichl: “We can continue addressing customer requirements as flexibly as a mid-sized company, and at the same time our company, employing 134 staff last year, can use the benefits of a large corporate group.”

The SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture software is used for monitoring and controlling numerous industrial, infrastructural, and research facilities around the world including CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, the Austrian tumor therapy treatment and research center MedAustron, the world's longest pipeline in China, the world’s longest railway tunnel in Switzerland, traffic and tunnel management systems across the world, power plants and energy distribution companies, and water supply and wastewater management companies.