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New WinCC OA Partners certified

Our strong partnership network is the origin of innovative solutions for our customers. In recent months we succeeded in gaining new WinCC OA partners which we would like to briefly present.

Sigren Engineering AG ,Winterthur, Schweiz

Sigren Engineering AG is a WinCC OA Solution Partner from Winterthur in Switzerland and has been developing integral, open and standardized solutions in the areas of building and room automation, traffic engineering, environmental and industrial engineering as well as power management and network control technology. One of successful projects using WinCC OA is the realization of the complete building automation for the new central cooling system at the Zurich airport. The open system solution from Sigren Engineering ensures secure, efficient and cost-efficient operations of installations.

CROC Moscow Russia

CROC from Moscow, Russia is a certified WinCC OA Solution Partner and has been working in the IT market since 1992. Today CROC is the number one IT service provider in Russia. CROC is a leader in IT outsourcing, application management, BI and ERP solutions,
e-document management systems (EDMS), telecommunication and video conferencing and is one of the largest providers of integrated data center, building and facility infrastructure. The company designs, deploys and upgrades enterprise information systems. They also provide comprehensive support and maintenance for information, computing, telecommunications and engineering systems. CROC pays particular attention to maintaining high professional standards, continuous training and new competence development amongst its workforce of over 2,100 employees.

Interautomatika Moscow Russia

Another recent addition to the WinCC OA Partner family is Solution Partner Interautomatika AG. The headquarter of Interautomatika is also located in Moscow, Russia. Interautomatika is a joint venture of Siemens AG that has been operating on the Russian market for more than 20 years. The company’s activities cover all aspects of I&C system engineering, including design and commissioning of I&C functions, as well as the supply of a wide range of I&C equipment for the thermal, nuclear and hydro power generation plants and power distribution utilities. The company has completed more than 160 projects with a total installed power exceeding 30 GWatts.