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Continuous delivery – New features in WinCC OA version 3.13

We are proud to announce that new features are available for WinCC OA version 3.13. Due to agile development we were able to deliver patch P004 with the following features, which were originally planned for version 3.14. You and your customers can benefit from these functions from now on.

  • Panel format independent from file extension
    From now on the file extension may not be identically with the associated panel-format. In the save-file-dialog there is now an option for the panel-format(.xml/.pnl).

  • Panel overview within GEDI
    The GEDI now supports a panel overview which displays a small preview of all currently opened Panels.

  • Enhanced shape selection in GEDI
    Now it is possible to select shapes that are lying on top of each other via the context menu (right-click with mouse). This menu entry is only visible if more than one shape is hit by the clicked position.

  • OPC UA Historical Access
    The OPC UA client now provides historical access functionality which allows getting historical data from an OPC UA Server.

  • Enhanced WinCC OA Reporting functionality
    o  The language parameter was added to data set functions. You can now display the DP description and the unit in a report language dependent.
    o  The “ready-to-use reports” are now available in English and German.

WinCC OA Version 3.13