Solution Partner: SIMATIC WinCC Specialists

The right partner for your  SCADA project with SIMATIC WinCC

The benefits for you

SIMATIC WinCC Specialists

  • Are your qualified experts when it comes to the visualization of your plant.

  • Are up-to-date at all times with the aid of regular training.

  • Have a direct line of communication to Siemens.

When called upon to do so, WinCC Specialists can execute your SCADA-project, e.g. branched client-server configurations with redundant servers, applications with energy data-management systems or individual SCADA-solutions with visual basic and C script.
You can find our WinCC Specialists with the ‘Partner Finder’. With the aid of numerous references provided on this website, you can reassure yourself of the productivity and competence of WinCC Specialists.

Who are WinCC Specialists?

WinCC Specialists are certified members of the Siemens Solution Partner program. They successfully passed a central audit through Siemens, which qualifies them to hold the entitlement “WinCC Specialist”. Within the context of this audit for example the quality and project management processes, as well as the technical WinCC-Know-How, were examined closely on the candidates’ site by Siemens.
Regular technical workshops and conferences by Siemens equip WinCC Specialists with information which goes way beyond ‘everyday knowledge’, which helps in their daily work with SCADA-system SIMATIC WinCC. There are channels exclusively provided for WinCC specialists, via which they are able to work quickly and closely with Siemens experts.

Solution Partner

In industrial settings, you can rely on Siemens Solution Partner Automation – qualified around the world to a uniform standard – as solution providers of Siemens products and services in automation and drive technology. These selected system integrators stand for future-safe, customized solutions of the highest quality – solutions that will always help you gain a lasting competitive edge .

History of WinCC Specialists

WinCC Specialists have been in existence since 1997, at this time they came under the heading “WinCC Professionals”. The title was only awarded to selected SCADA experts at the time and this has remained the case since. Consequently we are now joined by a 15 year partnership of close and constructive team work.

WinCC Specialists today

The core idea of the WinCC Specialist module has been the same for 15 years: A WinCC Specialist is your reliable partner when it comes to the realization of more selective projects with SCADA-System SIMATIC WinCC.
Nevertheless some things have been done since 1997:
By now more than 70 WinCC Specialists are available for your projects worldwide. Ranging from ‘all-rounders’ to branch-orientated solutions providers, there is a wide spectrum of partners represented.
Numerous WinCC Specialists have acquired additional qualifications in further Solution Partner-, Specialists- and Industry modules