Mobile SCADA over the World Wide Web (WWW)


WinCC/WebUX was developed for use on smartphones, tablets, PCs and other mobile devices that support an HTML 5 capable browser. No installation on the client end is required for using WebUX.

Flexible web access with WinCC WebUX

This flexible access to process and plant data expands the control center that is the standard today; it also gives users the option to purely monitor or operate depending on the area of application.
Individual access to production data gives users

  • fast

  • cost-effective

  • target-specific

information on all relevant data of a plant


  • Mobile operator control and monitoring worldwide with all commercially available mobile devices, free selection of devices and browsers

  • Worldwide, flexible online access around the clock, 365 days a year

  • Secure communication over HTTPS und SSL certificates

  • Integrated user administration with user-specific access authorizations for monitoring (Monitor client) or operating (Operate client)

  • No installation or maintenance of the terminal devices (clients)

  • Short time to market because time-consuming additional configuration is not necessary

  • Consistent look and feel

  • No entry costs since a Monitoring client is included in the WinCC basic package

  • The WinCC server version and version of the mobile clients do not have to be the same

Design and functions

WinCC/WebUX can be used independent of the industry, for example, in Service for acknowledging alarm messages, in Quality Assurance for monitoring important production data, or in Management for viewing key production figures whenever required.
WinCC/WebUX thus meets the constantly growing demands by users to monitor processes remotely over the Internet or intranet and be able to intervene, if necessary.
The WinCC/WebUX option is supplied with the WinCC basic system. No additional installation is required on the client devices, because the option is a pure browser application.
WinCC/WebUX provides a secure solution for mobile operator control and monitoring of the automation system independent of device and browser.
The WinCC/WebUX and WinCC/WebNavigator options complement one other and can be used at the same time..


  • A (server-based) license is required to use the WebNavigator server. This is a graduated license based on the number of simultaneous Web access operations and can be incremented at any time.

  • We distinguish between Monitor and Operate clients for licensing purposes.

  • Flexible number of clients thanks to additive licenses (floating client)

  • The WinCC/WebUX and WinCC/WebNavigator licenses can be combined, if necessary

  • The WinCC server version and version of the mobile clients do not have to be the same

  • One free Monitor client in the WinCC system

Software and licenses

Article No.

WinCC WebUX Monitor Client

Wincc WebUX Operate Client

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