Production analysis and optimization on the basis of individual key performance indicators


With the WinCC/PerformanceMonitor, plant-specific key figures for individual devices, machines, or entire production lines can be calculated and analyzed in machine or line-oriented production plants.

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The WinCC PerformanceMonitor offers reliable analyses on:

  • OEE  - Overall Equipment Efficiency

  • MTBF - Mean Time Between Failures

  • MRT - Mean Repair Time

  • and further Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

The production equipment can be defined individually depending on the specific plant.

The option WinCC/Downtime Monitor which was used in a comparable area of application will no longer be released for WinCC V7.2 and higher.

Area of application

Management and quality assurance

  • Complete transparency for all machines as basis for optimizing the plant's productivity:

  • Logging of downtimes, localization of causes and reasons for downtimes, and monitoring of equipment efficiency

  • Basis for decision making based on performance indicators

  • Reports of the InformationServer available worldwide and target-group-oriented for each user

  • Identification of production interrelationships by combining key figures with associated values ​​such as material used

Maintenance and repair

  • Minimum training period and simple configuration due to the integration into the SCADA System

  • Standardization of new systems by defining control-based status information to calculate key figures

  • Individual, targeted analysis through plant-specific key figures via Intra- or Internet

  • Adding additional plant performance indicators out of existing process data during the on-going operation

  • Weak point analysis in production processes and detection of undesirable process behavior

  • Cause analysis through examination of the basis for calculation "drilldown to operands"

  • Identification of events that lead to cost-intensive failures

Line management and system operators

  • Analysis of performance indicators can be displayed as table, Performance- or Gantt chart also in the WinCC/WebNavigator

  • Subsequent correction of archived input values

  • Continuous information at the operator interface through integration in the WinCC user interface

  • Flexible calculation of the performance indicators using different time frames
    (cyclic, interval or event-driven)

  • Quick identification of weak points in the process through cyclical key figure calculation


Using the WinCCPerformanceMonitor makes it possible to show the weak points of the production and to derive suitable optimization potential.

  • Flexible – Individual calculation of plant specific performance indicators within SIMATIC WinCC

  • Reaching the goal quickly – because of the integration in WinCC short configuration- and training period

  • Setting up correlations - recognizing performance indicators within the content e.g. quality per vendor

  • Being optimally informed – Analysing of the performance indicators and displaying them as bar- or Gantt – diagram or as a table also using the Web

  • Viewing everything at any time – Target–group oriented analysis reports using the SIMATIC Information Server

  • Extendable – Adding of performance indicators within existing plants without any loss of production

Design and functions

Fault analyses provide information about the frequency and duration of machine or plant downtimes. Corresponding display instruments can be effortlessly integrated in WinCC process pictures.
The determined data gives information on the effectiveness of individual machines and of entire production plants.The transparency of the data allows for a quick response and countermeasures in the event of faults, which increases the availability of the machine.

  • Structuring of the production plant into individual equipment units as central components for evaluations (equipment efficiency)

  • Applicable for single machines as well as for complete plants

  • Simple integration into existing plants which are controlled by WinCC

  • Calculation of the operands via freely definable formulas from preconfigured WinCC tags

  • Cyclical or event-driven calculation of key figures based on archived operands

  • Combination of key figures for associated values, e.g. material used, produces production contexts

  • If needed, key figures can be written to WinCC tags (for example, trend display of the key value)

All of the analysis results are integrated in the form of controls in WinCC screens. Performance- Gantt- and table views are available in WinCC- process pictures but also using the WinCC/WebNavigator.
A distinction is made between several different display instruments:

  • Bar chart for analysis of key figures and their associated values.

  • Determination of causes (drilldown) by displaying the input values ​​(operands)

  • Tabular display of all operands (input values)

  • Gantt chart for time-based operands

Web-based, user-specific reports with the SIMATIC Information Server.

  • Optimizing of the overall plant productivity based on the full transparency of the machinery

  • Recognizing the production-oriented contexts by combining of performance indicators with associated values, e.g. used materials

  • Calculation of downtimes and recognizing their reasons

  • Analysis of weak points within production processes


  • The basic package consists of the configuration environment, the runtime controls (bars, Gantt chart, table) and the license to archive 30 values.

  • If more values must be archived they can be increased in steps of 30, 100, 300 or 1000 archive values (countable tags)

Software and licenses

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WinCC Performance Monitor Basic Packages

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