WinCC/ODK (Open Development Kit)

Including former option WinCC/IndustrialX


Would you like to considerably expand the functionality of WinCC for a sector-specific application? Do you want to integrate your own data in WinCC tools, e.g. the reporting and logging system?

The WinCC options package Open Development Kit WinCC/ODK specifies open programming interfaces, which you can use to gain access to data and functions of the WinCC configuration and runtime system. The interfaces are designed as C-Application Programming Interface (C-API). Programming examples show the use of C# and VB.NET with WinCC /ODK.

Starting with  WinCC V7.2  the former option WinCC/IndustrialX is part of the Open Development Kit

WinCC/IndustrialX is an option that further simplifies the solving of a visualization task by standardization of user-specific objects. No separate display object is required any more for each motor, pump, valve, etc., instead objects of the same type are standardized. Engineering become more cost-efficient, if functions and displays can be used repeatedly.


  • Individual system expansions via an open standard programming language (C++, C#, VB.NET)

  • Access to data and functions of the WinCC configuration and runtime system  

  • Development of your own applications and add-ons for the WinCC basic system

  • Easy creation using configuration wizards

  • Fast-track starting due to the use of standards: ActiveX technology, creation using Visual Basic

  • Central creation and modification of object representations of the same type (type-coding) saves you time and money

  • Configuration of intelligent, vertical market and technology-specific objects (graphic representation and logical processing) with expertise protection

  • Can be used on a diverse basis: in WinCC pictures and other Windows applications (e.g. Internet Explorer, Excel)

Design and functions

For example, ODK functions can be used

  • to generate a message  

  • to determine the value of a tag  

  • to change the object properties in a screen 

  • to export a database table

IndustrialX employs the ActiveX technology for the process visualization. Configuration wizards make the creation of your own standard displays easy. IndustrialX controls are flexible and can be tailored to meet the requirements of the most varied applications, for example specific for applications in the chemical, glass or paper manufacturing industries. IndustrialX offers code templates for easy linking customerspecific ActiveX controls to WinCC data sources that are themselves suitable for use on Web Navigator clients.

Quick and easy to configure 

Using the IndustrialX Control Designer, you create one IndustrialX control for process objects of the same type, e.g. for several motors. Linking is carried out of the individual data of a data record e.g. the target value, actual value, temperature and operating mode. Once you have created the IndustrialX control, you can integrate it into pictures as often as you like. At integration, you only need to specify the name of the data record. At runtime, each integration of the IndustrialX Control then automatically works with the data of the assigned data record. Each time the IndustrialX Control is used, you do not need to spend time and effort on linking the individual data.

Carry out modifications on a central basis

If you have a lot of IndustrialX Controls, which are already integrated in process pictures, you can easily change them later. Such changes are made once at a central location and can affect the graphic representation as well as the processing logic. All the changes affect all the IndustrialX controls in all the process pictures that have already been configured. If, for example, there are 47 motors of the same type in a plant that are visualized in 13 different process pictures using IndustrialX controls, you only need to make the changes once at a central location. These changes are then effective everywhere. This obviates the need to carry out time-consuming, errorprone changes at 47 different locations!

Rapid processing,  know-how protected

IndustrialX controls are composed of compiled Visual Basic code that guarantees fast, effective processing. The technological know-how that you invested in creating your controls can - if necessary - be protected from copying if the source code is not supplied.


In the delivery kit for WinCC/ODK there is a CD-ROM with several examples and documentation.


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