WinCC/Calendar Scheduler and WinCC/Event Notifier

Working with calendar functions


The Calendar Options supplement WinCC with calendar-based functions. A common calendar control supports the planning of schedules and of validity periods. You can use the Calendar Scheduler to trigger time-based actions; theEvent Notifier sends messages depending on specific events in the WinCC message system.


  • Simple and reliable scheduling of events and actions

  • User-friendly HMI in the style of Microsoft Office

  • Easy to send important messages to a defined groupof people at a defined time by email or text message

  • Guaranteed comprehensibility:
    events and actions are logged and displayed in the WinCC alarm logging

Design and functions

WinCC/Calendar Scheduler
The Calendar Scheduler supplements WinCC by a calendar-based HMI in the style of Microsoft Office. It includes editors with which events and associated actions can be configured and managed. The planned events and actions can be connected directly to WinCC tags or global scripts. In order to control the plant process, several calendars, events and associated actions can be created, filtered, edited and managed. For example, the action editor can be used to execute program scripts. The editor supports events which occur regularly.

Multi-level user privileges protect the scheduling from unauthorized access. The message system logs and displays every action carried out. This guarantees comprehensibility of the corresponding events.

WinCC/Event Notifier

You can use the Event Notifier to set which people in a defined time period are notified about specific events. The events are associated with messages in the WinCC message system. Contacts can even be selected as potential messaging targets from the WinCC user administration during runtime. The messages can be sent via email or via a provider gateway as text message(SMS) to a mobile phone.

If multiple groups of people are defined for messaging in the same time frame, different escalation times (i.e. delay time before messaging) can be realized. This means that group 2 is only messaged if none of the people "on-site" or the previously messaged people have responded within the configured escalation time. When someone reacts to the triggering event, allpersons messaged receive an acknowledgment.

Calendar Control is configured in the Graphics Designer and can be dynamized with all WinCC standard mechanisms such as tag connection, VBS, C, direct connections or dynamic dialogs in WinCC


  • WinCC/ Calendar Scheduler and WinCC/ Event Notifier comprise Engineering and Runtime Software, a license is only necessary on the server (or single user system)

  • The software package "Upgrade for WinCC Calendar option" is a shared upgrade for both options.

Software and licenses

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WinCC/ Calendar Scheduler

WinCC/ Event Notifier

Upgrade WinCC Calendar Options

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