SIMATIC Process Historian

Long-term archive for any amount of production data from automation and the MES world


The SIMATIC Process Historian is a real-time database for a variety of products and versions that serves as central data interface to the company management level. It serves as central long-term archive for any amount of process data and messages from different data sources.

Archiving in a high-performance SQL database in combination with efficient data compression mechanisms ensures that critical data will be available at any time in the future while using very little memory.
Central archiving of company data facilitates fast decision making on the basis of secured data. Full transparency is ensured by the SIMATIC Information Server.
SIMATIC Process Historian replaces the previous WinCC/CentralArchiveServer option


  • Central interface to the corporate management level

  • Real-time archive for any amount of production and MES data for the entire plant

  • Version independence of the data sources

  • "One-click" configuration for easily scalable data volume

  • Maximum access speed using minimal memory through intelligent compression algorithms

  • Security through redundancy, disaster recovery and Store & Forward mechanisms

  • Openness through OPC UA server

  • Full transparency of Historian data with the SIMATIC Information Server

Design and function

The SIMATIC Process Historian is scalable and collects and archives any amount of data, independent of version, from different systems. SIMATIC Process Historian, which is scalable thanks to its seamless integration in WinCC, including redundant configurations, meets the strictest security requirements with minimal administration.

Data security is essential when using a Historian. The SIMATIC Process Historian offers a series of security mechanisms and therefore ensures that plant data can be reliably archived. Any potential failures are usually prevented by using a redundant Historian in combination with the installation of RAID systems. Loss of data due to problems in the network connection between the plant and Historian is prevented by using the "Store & Forward" mechanism. If a complete system breakdown nevertheless occurred, the database can be completely recovered through backup (disaster recovery).

SIMATIC Process Historian offers an OPC UA Server interface for connection to any IT or MES system.


  • The SIMATIC Process Historian supports the archiving of any amount of data.
    The archive data is licensed at the data source, for example, in WinCC systems.

  • The redundancy package is required for the redundant Process Historian.

  • The OPC UA interface needs a separate license.