WinCC V7.5 Licensing

Information on packaging and licensing

Software Packages

The WinCC system software is available in different variants:

  • WinCC Complete Package (RC) - software and license for runtime and configuring

  • WinCC Runtime Package (RT) - runtime software and license

Complete and Runtime package are available with a defined maximum of PowerTags 1. PowerPacks allow an increase in the number of usable Power-Tags 1. Thus, WinCC also grows when your application grows

A client license is available for complete packages as well as Runtime Software.

The WinCC basic system already allows up to 512 archive tags to be configured, as WinCC includes a Microsoft SQL Server licenses. In the final capacity stage, Archive PowerPacks enable the expansion to up 80,000 tags each server. Archive licenses are countable licenses, that means that the number of tags is added.

The standard version of SIMATIC WinCC offers a configuration user interface in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

Complete packages WinCC V7.5 RC


Article No.

SIMATIC WinCC V7.5 RC complete packages - Software and License Key for download

SIMATIC WinCC V7.5 RC complete packages - Software on DVD / License Key on USB stick

Runtime Packages WinCC V7.5 RT


Article No.

SIMATIC WinCC V7.5 RT Runtime packages - Software and License Key for download

SIMATIC WinCC V7.5 RT Runtime packages - Software on DVD / License Key on USB stick

1) Only process tags that are connected to the controller or other data sources via a WinCC communication channel are designated as PowerTags


SIMATIC WinCC is also offered in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese especially for Asian markets. These WinCC versions are intended for machine manufacturers, plant constructors and exporters who supply the regions of China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.
Software packaging and licenses are following the same scaling as the European version
In order to use the Asian languages in WinCC, an Asia hardware dongle is required.

Further ordering information

For more information and ordering data on

  • further available versions
    (ASIA Version and predecessor versions)

  • Powerpacks

  • Archive licenses

  • Upgrades

  • and Software Update Service contracts

see the > Industry Mall
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You can find more information about SIMATIC licenses, the Software Update Service, the topic Online Software Delivery and how you get supported by the tools Automation License Manager and SUS Manager at:

Packages with SIMATIC IPCs

The world of industrial computers has been shaped by Siemens as a trend-setter for two decades.
With rugged innovative products with long-term availability.
With the high level of technological experience mirrored in every industrial PC.
The SIMATIC IPC integrated product series offers you maximum performance with cutting-edge Intel processor technology, pre-installed and activated Windows operating system and integrated communication interfaces.

Packages including SIMATIC IPCs and WinCC Software offer system tested solutions for industrial use at an attractive price.

Trainer Packages

In the context of the program Siemens Cooperates with Education you can purchase trainer packages at special conditions.


To reduce the administration and maintenance effort, the automation world is turning increasingly to virtualization and the opportunity it provides to decouple applications from hardware. This enables centralized management and further simplifies backing up and restoring the system environment.Client environments can be installed once and distributed among one or two virtualization servers using virtual sessions (instances)