Creating WinCC- OPC drivers for serial and Ethernet devices


WinCC offers an extensive range of drivers and products like the TOP Server OPC Server add drivers for many common devices, but there are thousands of serial and Ethernet devices that do not have drivers to integrate into your SIMATIC HMI software. For these situations, you could write a custom driver and spend thousands of Euros or Dollars. The TOP Server UCON OPC Server provides a proven off-the-shelf solution at a fraction of the cost of custom drivers



  • Increased range of WinCC to device connectivity

  • Reduced engineering and integration costs

  • Increased value from using WinCC as your HMI/SCADA

  • UCON Provides Point-Click-Configure Connections to

    - Barcode Scanners/Readers+Printers
    - Micrometers
    - Marquees
    - Scales
    - Controllers
    - Lab Equipment
    - Recorders
    - Sensors
    - Analyzers
    - Custom Devices
    - Serial RS232/422/485 devices
    - TCP/IP or UDP Ethernet devices

Design and functions

  • OOPC Interoperability tested with WinCC

  • OPC Data Access (DA) 2.05a, 3.0 compliance tested

  • Point-and-click, menu driven configuration - no programming required

  • Free online training videos

  • Easy-to-use transaction editor steps engineer through device reads/writes and helps you pick out the “data” and put it into OPC Tags

  • Sample protocols included

  • Supports solicited and unsolicited messages

  • Works with modems & Ethernet Encapsulation devices

  • Diagnostics to view raw data going to/from your data source

  • Multi-threaded design

  • Up to 100 concurrent serial or Ethernet connections

  • Adjustable timeouts & write optimizations

  • Engineering unit scaling

  • Supported on Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista



Software Toolbox Inc.

148 East Charles Street Suite A

Matthews, North Carolina, 28105



+1 704 849 2773


+1 704 849 6388



Security information

To ensure the secure operation of a plant or machine it is also necessary to take suitable preventive action (e.g. cell protection concept) and to integrate the automation and drive components into a state-of-the-art holistic industrial security concept for the entire plant or machine. Any third-party products that may be in use must also be taken into account.
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