SmartLib function library:

Library of function blocks for the S7 controllers and faceplates for WinCC and WinCC flexible


The function library SmartLib is a cross-sector library; it is used,for example, for configuring automation and process control systems in the process industry, HVAC, pharmaceuticals and energysectors.

SmartLib was developed for the target systems of WinCC and WinCC flexible in combination with S7-300 or S7-400 controllers.The library contains all the control functions demanded in the process industry and in building management systems. Smart-Lib supports the alarm processing of the systems by transferring the alarms complete with real time stamps. Operator interventions are entered in the alarm system with previous value, new value and user name. Users can adapt the screen icons to their requirements. The library contains function blocks for the S7 controllers, and the faceplates and icons for WinCC and WinCC flexible (option).

Licenses are required in accordance with the number of programmable controllers or operator panels (for WinCC flexible only). There are no limits to its use within WinCC


  • SmartLib impresses customers with efficient, quickly learned engineering as menus guide the operator

  • The clear documentation is available in Simatic Manager (onlinehelp) and an up-to-date version is always available in the Internet.

  • You can combine WinCC and WinCC flexible systems with SmartLib and obtain uniform user interfaces and alarm systems. WinCC flexible operations are, for example, logged in WinCC.

  • With SmartLib, complex tasks can easily be configured without the need for in-depth programming knowledge. SmartLib reduces the costs in the configuration and qualification phase.

  • Theintegrated simulation function supports quick testing of the software without the system.

  • The library has been used by well-known companies for a number of years and is defined as a standard.

  • The comprehensive functions of SmartLib guarantee the user abroad range of implementation possibilities, also in international projects (multi-language capability).


  • Continuous closed-loop control, sequence control

  • Split range

  • Dosing unit, summing unit 

  • Motor 1N, Motor 2N, Motor LR 

  • Converter

  • Valve, actuator, damper block

  • Limit contact, limit

  • Analog input, analog output  

  • Timer block: Schedule, timer

  • Hour meter 

  • Infeed valve, mixed-air valve and exhaust valve

  • Basic function master   

SmartLib can easily be installed in the existing installation of S7and WinCC. The setup wizard guides the user through the installationprocess. The library comprises blocks for S7 and screencomponents for the WinCC and WinCC flexible user-interface.





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