Job- /Batch- related Archiving and Logging


The acquisition, processing and archiving of batch-/job-oriented data like trends, alarms, set points and production set points and current values, Audit Trails and laboratory values as part of a comprehensive quality management system are the primary application domain of PM-QUALITY.
Data from various sources ranging from WinCC, PCS7, WinCC flexible, WinCC (TIA Portal) over OPC/DA and text import can be combined into meaningful reports and long term archived .


Whether seamlessly integrated into the WinCC operator screens or as a standalone office application, PM-QUALITY provides the required transparency.
The trends display that can also show data from several batches in comparison is combined with the overlay of additional information like alarms, event triggered readings, process phase transitions and annotations forming a full blown analysis tool with perfect usability.
Reports are always available at a glance when needed. The integrated report layout editor allows the creation of multiple different views over archived information that can be easily adapted to existing design guides.
The integrated, centralized engineering library PM-LIBRARY allows the exchange and reuse of already configured components in multiple projects.
The processing of readings with graphical calculation rules, the integration of day, week, month and shift protocols with the integrated shift calendar as well as the new reporting capabilities using Microsoft Excel are consequent and continuous extensions of the proven functionality of PM-QUALITY.

Graphical calculation rules:

  • By using graphical calculation schemas complex algorithms can be displayed in a easily comprehensive way. Calculation results can be archived in relation to a currently active batch. Statistical functions like integral, standard deviation etc. as well as more complex functions like time categorization are provided out of the box and can be graphically arranged and connected via drag and drop. The provided set of calculation blocks is fully extensible in arbitrary way due to the open system architecture.

Day-, week-, month- and shift protocols:

  • What has been already been possible by using scripting in WinCC has now been integrated into the standard system. By using configurable naming rules the archiving time frames for PM-QUALITY can be defined in a comfortable way.

  • The integrated shift calendar with a graphical shift view provides an optimal overview.

Reporting with Microsoft Excel:

  • By plug-ins that are integrated into the ribbon based UI of Microsoft Excel (starting from Version 2007) reports can be created even more comfortable as ever before.

  • The first of the two new tools supports the creation of classical batch reports directly from within Microsoft Excel. Data can be retrieved from the current PM-QUALITY runtime database as well as from a long term archive export database.

  • Furthermore, a totally new type of insight into production can be generated by the multiple batch analysis tool. E.g. it allows the extraction of specific batch readings from all batches within a configured time frame that can be further analyzed directly in the spreadsheet.



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Security information

To ensure the secure operation of a plant or machine it is also necessary to take suitable preventive action (e.g. cell protection concept) and to integrate the automation and drive components into a state-of-the-art holistic industrial security concept for the entire plant or machine. Any third-party products that may be in use must also be taken into account.
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