IEC 61850 communication channel

Enabling data exchange with IEC 61850 devices


IEC 61850 is the globally valid standard for communication in electrical protective systems and medium-voltage switchgear.
All leading manufacturers have therefore already implemented IEC 61850 in their control and protective equipment. The open
standard means simpler configuration, compatibility with future expansions, lower maintenance costs, and thus lower life cycle
The communication channel makes it possible to operate and monitor IEC 61850-enabled devices with WinCC. This means the
automation of a production plant can be expanded by the addition of support for IEC 61850 devices for the electrical system.


  • Simple integration of high-voltage and medium-voltage level electrical devices into the SIMATIC HMI world

  • A SIMATIC system for production plants and electrical systems

  • Security of investment thanks to globally valid IEC 61850 standard

  • Powerful communication

  • Simple configuration and expandability


The wizard included in the scope of delivery is used to configure data communication via IEC 61850 with an IED (intelligent electric device). It provides the option of importing the .icd configuration
file of the device. Alternatively, the wizard can also access the device online and upload the current configuration. The tags and alarms selected by the user are then transferred to the WinCC data management system.

The IEC 61850 communication channel is an IEC 61850 MMS client. It establishes a connection to each of the configured IEC 61850 MMS server devices. This enables read/write data communication with the devices. Buffered reports continue to be supported: Status changes reported by the device are inserted with time stamp in the WinCC alarm logging system.

The accompanying values for measured values of the control and protective equipment, such as quality codes, are transferred in the same way as diagnostics information on the connection status of each device. This ensures detailed communication diagnostics are available.

The communication channel enables data exchange with IEC 61850 devices. The station controller or the SICAM PAS solution package is available for automation tasks or for connecting devices and control centers.



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