Alarm Interface to the SIMATIC IT Historian


Using the SIMATIC IT Historian for longterm archiving of alarms, very often requires to import alarms from different WinCC or WinCC flexible systems. With the WinCC Add-on Historian CONNECT ALARM different datasources can be connected.

Fig.:Vertical integration employing Historian CONNECT ALARM


  • Connecting¬† WinCC systemsDifferent WinCC stations can be the source for the alarms. Historian CONNECT ALARM supports both, WinCC Version 5 and WinCC Version 6. An Agent is installed on the WinCC system. This agent captures the alarms and sends them to the Alarm interface via TCP/IP. The alarm columns in WinCC can be freely assigned to the columns in the SIMATIC IT Alarm filter.

  • Connecting WinCC flexible systemsMany WinCC flexible systems are able to store their alarms in a CSV-file based archive. The CSV-files are copied, e.g. cyclically or at batch end, to the PC of the Alarm Interface using an ethernet network. The alarm interface reads the alarms from the files and inserts them into the SIMATIC IT Historian. The alarm columns in WinCC flexible can be freely assigned to the columns in the SIMATIC IT Alarm filter. ¬†



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Security information

To ensure the secure operation of a plant or machine it is also necessary to take suitable preventive action (e.g. cell protection concept) and to integrate the automation and drive components into a state-of-the-art holistic industrial security concept for the entire plant or machine. Any third-party products that may be in use must also be taken into account.
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