DCC Translation Editor

Translation and maintenance of multi-lingual visualizations


The DCC Translation Editor 4.2 SIMATIC Edition is the only professional translation tool specializing in the convenient and efficient editing and maintenance of multi-lingual SIMATIC configurations. File export formats from WinCC(TIA Portal) V11, V12 and all other conventional WinCC and WinCC flexible versions can be read in, intuitively edited, translated and then written correctly. Neither the development environment nor Runtime are required for this purpose.

DCC Translation Editor

Advantages provided by the DCC Translation Editor: improved quality and considerably reduced workload for multiple languages.Users benefit from the following features

  • Easy identification of translation errors, incorrect numbers and missing punctuation marks
     with seven quality assurance filters

  • Assured fit into process visualization due to marking of excessively long translations

  • Format protection due to complete file handling with translation outside of the configuration

  • TIA-ready and future-proof due to continuous further development

  • Support of all configuration languages incl. Chinese, Thai, Russian and Arabic

Secure and efficient workflow
The configuration engineer exports the WinCC texts and messages and gives both the files and the Translation Editor to the translator. The translator translates the WinCC texts in the Translation Editor. Because the interface is shown in a clear table format, operation is simple, efficient and task-oriented.

Thanks to the seven quality assurance filters, the translator can reliably detect common translation errors such as punctuation errors and incorrect numbers, as well as excessively long translations, and can ensure that each term is translated consistently in all pictures.

Translation in the DCC Translation Editor provides a 100% guarantee that the format is safeguarded: the structure and format of the export files remain unchanged. Headers, footers, variables and the source language are protected from deletion. This prevents errors in visualization as well as costly and time-consuming error localization processes.

Even without knowledge of the target language, the configuration engineer can check the delivered translation for completeness, accuracy and quality by means of the quality assurance filters. The translation can then be imported into the visualization project without problems.

Engineers can concentrate on configuring, translators can translate efficiently.



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