Alarm Management System ACC

Fast and reliable transmission of alarms in the event of faults


Immediate response

In modern operator control and monitoring systems, the fast and reliable signaling of fault states to the responsible persons is becoming increasingly important.
The modular Alarm Management System responds to these requirements by sending WinCC error messages to a variety of possible recipients completely automatically. For example:

  • SMS to smartphone or cell phone

  • Pager

  • Voice output on telephone

  • HiPath/Hicom-Telephones

  • E-Mail

The different variants of the Alarm Management System and the available options allow individual adaption to the requirements of the operator, from a stand-alone solution up to a company-wide communication solution.


  • Various communication media (SMS via GSM terminal with acknowledge capability, pager (Ascom/FunkTel), voice output (Wav and TextToSpeech), text output on HiPath/Hicom telephones, e-mail, etc.) are optionally supported

  • Integrated shift and personnel management for time-dependent delivery of messages to different persons

  • Extensive escalation system for reliable delivery of messages even when individual recipients cannot be reached

  • Network-wide operation and configuration through web capability.


  • Redundancy option for high-availability systems

  • Alarm filter option for suppressing message bursts, follow-on messages and nuisance messages

  • App for smartphones option for simple acknowledgment of messages and display of the message status

  • System monitoring option for monitoring alarm functions by means of a cyclical test of the software and hardware components

  • Change journal option for logging changes to the configuration, e.g. change in phone number, reorganization of the calling order

  • Dialog module option for integrating customer-specific functions

  • Conference option for setting up a telephone conference for up to 10 participants

  • Emergency call option for forwarding an emergency call to up to 10 participants

  • Person monitoring option for protecting persons who work on their own and may be at risk



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