ACRON 8 for WinCC

Long-term archiving and logging in water and sewerage technology


ACRON on the basis of WinCC covers all requirements of  historical data processing in the water/wastewater area, from the smallest applications right up to large distributed system

The following ACRON modules are available:

  • Provider -Supports data acquisition from any sources

  • Reporter - The convenient user interface of ACRON

  • Graph - Characterized by convenient and user-friendly representation in trend curves

  • AC Job - Management module for all automatic printout and e-mail distribution of reports.

  • Error and maintenance module - ACRON tool for creating all the necessary error and alarm
    reports and generating their comprehensive statistics

  • PDCA module (Plan DO Check_Act)

  • Energy data management in accordance with ISO 50001

  • Excel Add-In - Convenient access to all data in ACRON for simple and fast reading in of values

ACRON on the basis of WinCC has a rugged and fault-tolerant client-server architecture. The software is scalable and can keep pace with requirements.
ACRON for WinCC is also characterized by ease of use, flexibility and simple configuring.

Other features include:

  • High performance and extremely fast response times

  • Time-oriented and/or change-oriented recording

  • Time resolution in the millisecond range

  • Redundant database

  • Multiserver concept for distributed architectures

  • Arithmetic operations with more than 100 000 data points

  • Integrated unit system, formula module with prepared calculation algorithms

  • Maximum security in data acquisition (three-level cache)

  • Manual or automatic data backup to different data carriers/media

  • Detailed breakdown for user administration

  • Low memory requirements

  • All reports possible (including batch or shift-related)

  • Quick configuration

  • Client-capable web portal with graphs and reports (web only, not a plug-in)

  • Languages with switchover function: English, German and other languages possible on request

  • Executable in Windows 2008/2012 Server, Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8.x, Windows 10 as of version ACRON 8.3 and higher, connection also possible to older operating systems

  • ISO 50001 TÜV-certified, M260, M207, 216A, GMP, 21cfr11, BImSchV, TA air, NWBA, etc.




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