ACRON 7 for WinCC

Long-term archiving and logging in water and sewerage technology


SIMATIC WinCC is designed to be non-industry-specific; you can, however, use WinCC Options and WinCC Add-ons to deploy the system on a vertical market basis.

ACRON 7, developed by the ViDEC company of Bremen, Germany, has been certified as a WinCC Premium Add-on for applications in water and sewerage technology. ACRON has been on the market for more than ten years and has been used successfully both in water and sewerage technology as well as many other industries for long-term archiving and logging process data for small to medium-sized systems.
In the meantime, the software has become a highly versatile solution for authorities or industrial plants with high performance profiles. ACRON generates informative reports from the process data for freely selectable time ranges. Compression algorithms create data for daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports (e.g. according to ATV M 260) as well as according to freely definable intervals. Event or batch reports are determined by start and end conditions. In this connection, the latest version ACRON 7 uses new technologies including client server architecture and meets very high security requirements in data storage, which means that you can also comply with PIMS (Plant Information Management Systems) and long-term archiving requirements with documentary logging.

ACRON is characterized by its ease-of-use, flexibility and ease-of-configuration. In operation, the product guarantees highest levels of operating and data integrity, high availability with an excellent price-performance ratio.

The following modules are components of ACRON 7:

  • Provider - Data acquisition from any source with a telecontrol link

  • Reporter - A convenient user interface for printing reports and protocols with an input option for laboratory values

  • Graph - User-friendly representation and analysis of measured values and statistical values in curves

  • Error and maintenance module - Generating all the necessary error and message reports as well as comprehensive statistics.

  • AC Job - Management module for automatically printing reports including sending by e-mail

  • Data Collect - Grouping any values from different projects

  • Excel Add-In - Convenient access to all data




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