New with SIMATIC WinCC V7.5

Easier to configure, more flexible thanks to security improved by standards
and looks even better!

To take into account the ongoing digitalization in the industrial environment, the new version, WinCC V7.5, focuses on the capability for continuous, transparent vertical integration from the production level to the management level. That is why the interface portfolio was enhanced by standard interfaces all the way up to the cloud connectivity.
Functional enhancements in the Configuration Studio and the Graphics Designer have further simplified application engineering. Using dynamic SVG objects, it is now possible to create modern, homogeneous user interfaces with less effort than before.

Engineering efficiency

Additional functional enhancements in the Configuration Studio enable you to quickly process bulk data and integrate standardized application modules at any point in your application. The optimization of the interaction between the Configuration Studio and the Graphics Designer enables application development faster than ever. This results in increased engineering efficiency and a shorter time to market for you.

  • Structured data types including connection to faceplates
    These enable an object-oriented approach to project implementation, starting with the data structure in the PLC up to the screen objects in SCADA.

  • Improved configuration of dynamic properties and texts
    The texts of all configured languages and their font settings can be edited from a central location.
    Object properties can be dynamized without programming

  • PDLs can be organized in subfolders
    Subfolders enable clearer project structure.

  • Menu & Toolbar editor integrated in Configuration Studio
    Using this editor becomes much more intuitive due to its integration.

  • Simple color selection with the "Color Picker" in the Graphics Designer
    Uniform coloring can be achieved with little effort


To take vertical integration into account, WinCC V7.5 focused on integrating additional system-neutral interfaces.

  • OPC UA client interface for 'Alarms & Conditions'
    The OPC UA client interface for 'Alarms & Conditions' implemented to be able to process alarms from 3rd party systems from the manufacturing level in WinCC.

  • MQTT protocol based cloud connectivity
    In order to complete vertical integration to the top, WinCC can be made the standard gateway for smart data in the cloud with cloud connectivity based on the standardized MQTT protocol.

Security and design

Increasing globalization of companies makes it necessary for production data to be accessed via the Internet more and more often. Of course, this also makes the companies more vulnerable to attacks from outside. Since security in the network is a high priority for Siemens, Siemens initiated the "Charter of Trust", which WinCC V7.5 follows.
The work on this version consistently focused on creating modern, homogeneous and intuitive user interfaces. This was achieved with dynamization of SVG graphics among other things.

  • harter of Trust
    This is an obligation to comply with defined guidelines in order to improve the security of networks in industry.

  • Dynamic properties in SVG graphics (Industry Graphic Library)
    A modern, homogeneous user interface can be quickly and easily configured by dynamizing SVG objects.

  • New design templates, switching in runtime and on-screen keyboard customization
    New 'look and feel' of projects through 'Ocean', the modern design template
    As a fixed component of the global design settings, the color palette can be toggled to uniquely identify two identical production lines, for example.

  • Integration of a character table for configuring symbol fonts
    A project can be represented more clearly by using icons instead of text.