New with SIMATIC WinCC V7.4

Efficient as well in Engineering as also in Runtime

Plant information every time – from everywhere

Due to the increasing globalization of business companies going along with the rising push of their competition it is more and more necessary to gain a short time – to – market. On the other hand companies are forced to reduce machine downtime and to grow the quality of their products. The production data which are generated thereby have to be available transparent from the shop floor up to the ERP – systems of the company - every time from everywhere -

Configuration Studio and Graphics Designer

Together with the Graphics Designer the WinCC Configuration Studio is the central development platform for your WinCC applications.
By the use of the integrated scripting and programming interfaces it is possible to automatize many engineering processes und to integrate individual Runtime functionalities. Additional function extensions make it possible for you to process mass data very fast and to integrate standardized application modules in any part of your application. The optimization of the interaction between the Configuration Studio and the Graphics Designer enables you to develop your applications even more rapidly. As a result you can increase the Engineering Efficiency and therefore you can gain a much shorter Time - to – Market.

  • Drag & Drop between Configuration Studio and Graphics Designer

  • Search & Replace also for Pre- and Post-Fixes

  • VBA support for the Configuration Studio

  • Preview of WinCC screens in the WinCC Explorer

  • Displaying of Analog Alarms in the OnlineTrendControl


This WinCC Client was developed simultaneously with WinCC V7.4.
It is a mobile platform- and browser independent Client with no need of installation on client side at all designed to be operated on conventional consumer-type devices. This option enables you to get access to your plant from everywhere at any time. The data privacy is guaranteed by the encryption of an https-connection using SSL. Because of the further development of this option in WinCC V7.4 the functionality of this option ia more and more similar to the graphics on the server side itself.

  • Support of additional controls

  • VB – actions on objects

  • Base functionality of the  ‚Dynamic Dialog‘

  • SIMATIC Logon for the user administration

  • System messages during Login and Logout

  • One WebUX Monitoring Client is included in WinCC V7.4 for free