Future proof due to innovative solutions

Mobile SCADA providing exactly the information the user needs

The WinCC/WebUX takes account of the increasing calls of the users to mobile view and control processes via the internet and the intranet.

Using such a flexible access to gain plant data extends the classical control room as it is today. Depending on the application area it is possible to monitor only as well as to control the process.
Because of the individual access to process data using the mobile Scada the user will be informed

  • fast

  • cheap

  • target oriented

about all the data of a plant which is important for him.

Web-based reporting system for historical plant data

SIMATIC Information Server is a comprehensive reporting system for analyzing archived data. 
Based on the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services it provides interactive reporting services in the form of Web-based analyses.
The reports created are always available on Web-based user interfaces and can be automatically distributed by email.
Transparent data access is also provided by MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint using Add-ins.

Consistent reporting system for:

  • SIMATIC Process Historian 2014

  • WinCC ( V7.0 SP3 or higher) and WinCC/PerformanceMonitor option package

  • WinCC (TIA Portal) RT Professional (V13 SP1 or higher)

  • PCS7 ( V8.0 or higher) and SIMATIC Batch

Transparency at any time in any place  from process to management level

Intuitive operation with 2-finger multi-touch gestures

State-of-the-art, innovative operational concepts with multi-touch gestures are rapidly gaining significance in the industrial environment. The gestures that users know from consumer devices are particularly useful for more simple and intuitive operation of complex production plants.

SIMATIC WinCC V7.3 accordingly supports two-finger operation. You can implement functionality such as zoom or wiping, for example, for screen navigation and panning. SIMATIC HMI WinCC V7.2 also supports two-hand operation that can be used, for example, as enable function for setpoint input.