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Series 270 Multi Panels – SIMATIC MP 277

Notice on declaration of maturity

Effective October 01, 2012, the products listed below were declared mature products. The products are only available as spare part via our spare-parts service (EDN stock). Our 10-year spare part and repair commitment also began on Oct. 01, 2012; during this time we guarantee the availability of compatible spare parts for existing installations.
SIMATIC HMI accessories will be normally available for these products until Oct. 01, 2022.


SIMATIC Multi Panels of series 270

For HMI tasks in the higher performance range, the 270 series offers touch- and operator panels – each with either an 8” or 10” display.

SIMATIC HMI offers successors from the Comfort Panel family for all of the devices, which are higher performing but less expensive.