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SIMATIC OP 73micro

Notice on declaration of maturity

Effective October 01, 2012, the products listed below were declared mature products. The products are only available as spare part via our spare-parts service (EDN stock). Our 10-year spare part and repair commitment also began on Oct. 01, 2012; during this time we guarantee the availability of compatible spare parts for existing installations.
SIMATIC HMI accessories will be normally available for these products until Oct. 01, 2022.


SIMATIC OP73 micro

The OP 73micro is the price-optimized version of the smallest 70 series panel and tailored to the S7-200 PLC. Compared to the text displays, it offers an even easier operation thanks to its fully graphical 3" display. The OP 73micro requires only little space at the machine; it fits into the same mounting cutout as the OP3 or the TD 200.