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SIMATIC HMI Key Panels: the shrewd alternative to long-stroke keys

In the past, operator input to a machine was only rarely possible without permanently wired operator controls. Whether you were dealing with emergency stop, pushbuttons, switches, indicator lights, or key-operated switches: All these controls had to be planned, ordered, installed, wired, labeled and maintained. Their time-consuming and often error-prone individual installation constituted a significant cost item in control cabinet construction. Siemens proves that it can be done more efficiently and cost effectively – with SIMATIC HMI Key Panels.

Save on costs, not on functionality

The SIMATIC HMI Key Panels impress users by offering maximum flexibility in the most restricted space – and at an extremely favorable price. They also offer an abundance of other benefits.

  • Safe data traffic with PROFINET
    With two PROFINET-enabled Ethernet interfaces onboard and integral switch functionality, the KP8 PN can be integrated extremely easily into existing automation networks – without costly cabling or additional hardware.

  • High availability and integral diagnostics
    Faults can be bridged by means of an integral redundancy mechanism. A wire break or component failure, for example, can be offset by the Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) for networks with a ring topology.

  • Compact and rugged
    Fast, space-saving attachment of the compact devices using clamps or a PRO empty enclosure – in the control cabinet as well as next to the machine.

  • 24 V voltage supply can be looped through
    The SIMATIC HMI Key Panels can be installed next to each other without gaps, and the 24 V voltage supply can be simply looped through from the neighboring panel.

  • Simply everything in view
    The illuminated pushbuttons can be labeled individually and all have dimmable LED backlighting. In addition, process-controlled display of five colors (red, green, blue, white and yellow) is possible.

  • Safety Integrated
    With its integral safety functionality, the KP8F PN guarantees error-free transfer of safety-related signals via PROFIsafe. There are two fail-safe inputs for the connection of a SIL 3 emergency stop pushbutton, for example.

Significantly simpler …
With the SIMATIC HMI Key Panels, many basic functions can be combined to optimize costs, and the configuring and installation overhead can be reduced to a minimum. Compared to conventional installation, the use of a pre-assembled, ready-to-install key panel reduces the wiring overhead to a minimum.

Simplify wiring with Key Panels

… faster …
Cutting out the openings, installing the keys, laying and attaching the cables, and engraving and fitting the labels. All these work steps meant that the installation and wiring of individual long-stroke keys and switches used to be extremely time consuming – and the process
was also highly error-prone. All that is now in the past thanks to the SIMATIC HMI Key Panels. Time savings of up to 80% are now possible.

... and more cost-effective
You also profit from significant savings in material costs. Integration into a key panel pays off, even from just three keys. Keys that are not required initially can be activated later at any time by configuring.

Cost savings using SIMATIC HMI Key Panels