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Wireless 8 inch handheld panel with TFT color display and combined touch and key operation

Mobile Panel for HMI tasks of medium complexity for wireless use in PROFINET environments. The Mobile Panel 277 8 inch offers a TFT Touch display with 64 K colors as well as convincing performance and ease of use. The F-variant offers certified safety functionality and Rapid Roaming.

Mobile Panel 277 (F) IWLAN at a glance

Maximum mobility due to WLAN functionality

Reliable operation with sophisticated safety concept

Ergonomic compact and light weight

Rugged design for industrial use with IP65 degree of protection all around

The unit can be used in expanded installations due to interruption-free changeover to other Access Points (iPCF-MC)

Design and functions

Safety functions on-site with the SIMATIC Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN

The Mobile Panel 277 IWLAN features a high-contrast 7.5" TFT display. The user memory of 6 MB provides sufficient space even for more complex projects and can be expanded further via MultiMedia card, e.g., for recipes and archive data.

For safety-oriented applications, the Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN communicates via a "Rapid Roaming" process in order to ensure interruption-free transmission of the wireless signals. Optimization measures in the Mobile Panel 277 IWLAN and Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN for safety-related applications include color display of the WLAN signal strength with an additional vibration alarm, which is triggered when a specific lower limit threshold is violated.

Device variants
The Mobile Panel 277 IWLAN with standard functionality is offered in two device variants:
Device variant 1 is operated by a touch screen and 18 function keys
Device variant 2 offers an additional keyswitch with 3 switch settings, 2 illuminated push-buttons and a handwheel.
The Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN with safety functionality is also offered in two device variants
Device variant 1 is operated by a touch screen, 18 function keys, two enabling buttons and
an additional STOP-button
Device variant 2 offers an additional keyswitch with 3 switch settings, 2 illuminated push-buttons and a handwheel.
One of the new failsafe Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN variants utilizes economical Moby D Smart Cards for site localization, with logging on to the appropriate operating area on an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag instead of a transponder. A typical application here is in security-compliant robot cells.

Certified safety
The suitability of the device for particularly high safety requirements was tested and certified by TÜV (SIL3). A fail-safe SIMATIC F-CPU must be used to be able to utilize the safety functions. For industrial systems, the use of SIMATIC Industrial Wireless LAN is recommended.

Define effective ranges
The SIMATIC WinCC flexible engineering software can be used to define areas from where the machine with acknowledgement buttons can be operated. Within these "effective ranges", the device is identified through transponders. This ensures reliable operation and the clear assignment of suitable operating screen.
Location-dependent behavior can also be defined for the SIMATIC Mobile Panel 277 IWLAN (without safety function). Here the transponder can generate zones where specific functions are configured, e.g. an automatic screen display or operator authorizations for specific persons.

Rapid Roaming
For safety-oriented applications, the 277F IWLAN Mobile Panel communicates by means of the extended WLAN access procedure iPCF-MC (Industrial Point Coordination Function with Management Channel), also known as "Rapid Roaming". This ensures fast handover of the radio signals between access points and interruption-free roaming times - a basic requirement for mobile operator control and monitoring in safety-related areas where enabling and emergency stop buttons are used.

Rugged for tough industrial environments
With its IP65 degree of protection and a drop height of over one meter, the device can be optimally used in tough industrial environments. The powerful batteries can be replaced without interrupting operation. This ensures trouble-free operation.
The Mobile Panel 277 IWLAN without safety functions is also suitable for applications with the Simotion motion control system.

Technical data


7.5 inch TFT display, 64K colors


640 x 480 pixels

Control elements

Touchscreen resistive analog
18 function keys
additional control elements depending on device variant

User memory

6 MB


1 x USB


1 x Multi Media Card Slot

Degree of protection

IP 65 all around

Housing diameter

290 mm

Device depth

103 mm


approx. 1.7 kg

Configuration software

SIMATIC WinCC Comfort (TIA Portal)
or WinCC flexible Standard 2008 SP2 + HSP

Security information

To ensure the secure operation of a plant or machine it is also necessary to take suitable preventive action (e.g. cell protection concept) and to integrate the automation and drive components into a state-of-the-art holistic industrial security concept for the entire plant or machine. Any third-party products that may be in use must also be taken into account.
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