SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels

As part of our range of SIMATIC HMI products, we are offering numerous products that are perfectly matched to the special requirements of the respective location of use. For the food and beverages industry we supply, for example, devices with stainless steel fronts, and for industries facing particularly harsh environmental conditions, we offer fully enclosed devices with dust and splashwater protection in a rugged aluminum enclosure with high degree of protection IP65.

System overview

SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels are designed for implementation of demanding visualization applications on the machine-level. High performance, functionality and numerous integrated interfaces offer the greatest convenience in high-end applications.

Comfort Panels Standard

All SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels universally provide the same high-end functionality. With high-resolution widescreen displays from 4" to 22", optionally available with touch operation or control keys, they can be optimally adapted to any application

Comfort Panels PRO

The Comfort Panels PRO are a series of panels equipped with the high protection type IP65 (NEMA4) and flexible installation options – directly on the machine through special adapters, on a supporting foot, or on a bracket system.

Comfort Panels INOX

Comfort INOX Panels, the certified stainless steel devices offer safety and purity for hygienic applications in the pharmaceutical, fine chemicals and food/beverage industries.

Comfort Panels Outdoor

The Comfort Outdoor Panels are specifically designed for outdoor use and certified for numerous industries. They are extremely robust, readable in all lighting conditions, and safe to use.

SIPLUS Comfort Panels

SIPLUS Comfort Panels

For automation tasks under extreme environmental conditions, special hardened SIPLUS versions are available offering increased operational reliability.

SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels Starter Kits

Choose among a wide range of budget-priced starter packages comprising panels between 4 and 15 inch screen size, the configuration software WinCC Comfort (TIA Portal) a PROFINET cable and a memory card.

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SIMATIC HMI Option+ | Configuring IT-related functions for HMI systems

With SIMATIC HMI Option+, users can now easily and reliably configure such functions in their SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels during operation and benefit from more direct access to functions for remote service, interface configuration and user identification, among other things.

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