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The plus for more options – SIMATIC HMI Option+

Configuring IT-related functions for HMI systems

With increasing digitalization of manufacturing processes, the requirements for convenient and yet reliable configuration of IT-related functions in HMI systems in the manufacturing environment are also growing.

With a new application, users can now easily and reliably configure such functions in their SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels during operation and benefit from more direct access to functions for remote service, interface configuration and user identification, among other things.

You can download the software, libraries and application examples as well as the documentation in the Siemens Industry Online Support:

The new SIMATIC HMI Option+ application acts as a gateway between runtime and the operating system of the HMI Panel, providing access to completely new functions. The application can be easily loaded using the ProSave tool, installed on the Panel and immediately configured.

The user can call SIMATIC HMI Option+ from runtime to easily display system information without requiring advanced IT skills, configure interfaces and user identification and use advanced functions for machine monitoring. To ensure that only authorized employees have access to these functions, access to Option+ can be restricted and protected with a password.

SIMATIC HMI Option+ | Configuration Start Center

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    Faster access to information on systems, networks and diagnostics

    SIMATIC HMI Option + contains a clearly structured menu in which the user can individually configure the respective features. It enables the user to display all employed tags and information about the firmware and the TIA Portal version used, the operating time since the last firmware update and the start of runtime as well as the memory load of the used cards, media or network drives, among other things. Furthermore, the user can also set the IP address and activate and deactivate network adapters via the application from runtime. In addition, the application also includes an option for configuring and checking the connection of up to five network drives.

    The direct way to more security

    Not only since the latest headlines about ransomware and other attacks have the industry's demands for comprehensive access protection been increasing for plants and devices – which should nevertheless be as easy to configure as possible. One aspect concerns the handling of removable media such as USB sticks and SD cards. SIMATIC HMI Option+ includes a simple menu that allows you to specify from runtime whether or not media is mounted via the USB port or SD card. Another aspect is the integration of RFID systems for local user identification.  SIMATIC HMI Option+ contains PM-LOGON Basic, which allows you to configure local user identification via a connected RFID reader with just a few clicks – including the creation and addition of new employees or RFID cards in runtime.

    Intelligent tools for service and communication

    SIMATIC HMI Option+ also makes it easy to configure remote access for diagnostic and service purposes. The SmartService Monitor menu enables the user to view information from connected Smart clients and FTP connections as well as to locally reject Smart client connections. Another menu command supports the management of OPC UA certificates for secure communication with other machines and systems. In addition, the user can use the SIMATIC HMI Option+ application to assign host names locally on the Panel to the respective IP addresses.

    Reliable and transparent user identification via RFID

    SIMATIC HMI Option+ enables integration of user identification via an RFID reader and provides for more transparency, traceability and security. The user can use PM-LOGON Basic to set up local user identification via a connected RFID reader with just a few clicks. New users or additional RFID cards can also be easily created in runtime. Additional options, such as automatic logoff of the user when the card is removed from the reader and acoustic alerts upon successful identification or password protection, can also be easily configured.

    Plus with options for Advanced HMI as of TIA Portal V15

    SIMATIC HMI Option+ is available for TIA Portal V15. In addition to SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels in 7" to 22" as well as the Comfort PRO and Comfort Outdoor devices, the application supports the SIMATIC HMI Advanced device series.