OEM Products

Individual SIMATIC Products in customized functionality

Product modifications for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) customers are suitable for individual industrial automation tasks that cannot be solved using standard products or devices which have simply been modified in terms of their design.

OEM products are individual solutions based on SIMATIC standard components. They are specified, offered, developed and supplied on an individual, customer-specific basis.

For this purpose, we simply combine - as in a system of building blocks - the standard components, the customized components and the additional software function enhancements required to create a SIMATIC OEM device.

OEM Products - individual SIMATIC Products in customized functionality

Possible modifications:

  • Changes to the keyboard layout, key size/design and key arrangement

  • Freely-definable front dimensions and device mechanics

  • Integration in the housing for desktop or support arm/stand installation

  • Different processors and memory media

  • Different display technologies, sizes and resolutions

  • Decentralized configuration

  • Additional modules or interfaces

  • Freely-selectable versions of Windows operating system, preinstalled SIMATICĀ  software packages

  • Installation of customer images

New OEM products can often be based on existing OEM products (see product examples) efficiently and cost-effectively. In such cases, the end product is considered to be a customer-specific modification of an existing OEM product.

Our OEM devices are available in all performance classes: from OEM Push Button Panels through Text Displays, Touch and Operator Panels right up to Multi Panelsand Industry PCs in Rack/Box or Panel PC designs, with far-reaching changes in hardware, equipment and software.
The OEM products are developed and produced to the highest quality standards in our own factory in Germany.