Design Products

Individual SIMATIC HMI-Products in customized design

A KTP1000 Basic changed in design

For machines and systems, SIMATIC IPC and HMI products in individual corporate design are important factors which are key to purchasing decisions. The seamless integration of  operator panels is particularly important as far as operation and ergonomics are concerned as well as in overall machine and system design. SIMATIC devices with customized design fully meet these requirements.

The following changes (design variants) are possible:

  • Variant A:
     Inserting the company logo instead of the "Siemens" brand name and changing the type designation

  • Variant B:
    Variant A + changing the keyboard colors, the key labeling, the key symbols and the background color

  • Variant C:
    Variant B + changing the frame color for the front frame

The design products are exactly the same as the standard products in terms of technology and functionality. They differ only in color and outward appearance. The same product basis enables rapid replacement by a standard device in the event of a failure if the machine or system supplier does not have a customized design product available at the time.

Flexible production makes it possible to provide cost-effective design products even for smaller order quantities. In this case, the devices are manufactured in the series production factory, and are subject to the same high quality requirements as the standard devices.


  • Seamless adaptation to machine and system design and special operating philosophy of the customer

  • No shortcuts on ergonomics compared to standard products

  • Cost-effective design product possible even for smaller order quantities thanks to economical manufacture in series production factories for standard products.

  • Replaceable and fully compatible with the standard devices in terms of
    - Functions and interfaces
    - SIMATIC HMI configuration software
    - Housing and installation dimensions
    - Logistics and service, identified repairs
    - UL and CE certification,  more upon request: