Logistics for customized products

Individual logistic solutions

With individual logistics solutions for your customized products, you will have agreements tailored to your needs that offer you optimum planning security:

Individual availability

  • Configuration and design freeze
    Individual availability agreements for unchanged hardware and software versions of the products (image compatibility)

  • Replacement parts in centralized or decentralized spare parts storage
    For individually agreed periods or, where applicable, last-time buying and storage of components

  • License authorization
    for discontinued software, e.g. for Microsoft operating systems such as Windows NT, MS DOS

Detailed individual agreements

  • Change notices
    Individual agreements for customer information management, e.g. product discontinuation,  version updates, phase-out announcements

  • Individual labeling
    On the industrial PC and/or product packaging, e.g. customized item/device/inventory numbers, warehouse barcodes or packing and safety instructions

  • Supply of accessories
    e.g. adapter cables, keyboards or accompanying documents and manuals

Individual deliveries

  • Kanban delivery
    We supply according to the requirements of the organization units in the production process of our customers who organize their production process control in accordance with the Kanban principle. This shortens the throughput time and reduces inventories.

  • Just In Time
    We minimize the inventories and throughput times of our customers by supplying the hardware manufactured customer-specifically at exactly the time when they need them in the production process or in the logistics chain.

  • Reusable packaging – Better than recycling!
    The packaging is collected from our customers after the specially manufactured hardware has been unpacked and reused for transporting the next delivery. Packaging material is saved to the advantage of our customers and the environment.