Troublefree communication in an industrial LINUX environment


LINUX systems are an increasingly common first choice in industrial environments due to their exceptional stability and flexibility. Troublefree communication is a crucial aspect for which a fitting solution has to be found.
SOFTNET S7 Linux ensures communication with SIMATIC S7 in an industrial LINUX environment using the S7 protocol. A C/C++ application programmer interface is offered to users. SOFTNET S7 Linux is available in two variants:

  • SOFTNET S7 Linux (TCP)

  • SOFTNET S7 Linux (ISO)

The S7 protocol is optimized via the SAPI S7 interface for communication with SIMATIC S7 and SIMATIC M7 – ensuring easy and flexible access to data (DB, A, E, M)...

Area of application

One of the most daunting challenges confronting information technology entails filtering heteroge neous data out of a production facility, processing and delivering it promptly to the relevant decision makers. Therefore classic ERP systems have to be connected to MES systems and devices at the automation level.
In many companies the production areas have yet to be fully integrated into the corporate LAN. Legacy landscapes with different hardware and software platforms frequently limit the possibilities for crosssystem information exchange - leading to the development of IT islands. Consistent connection of the LINUX systems that are increasingly installed in these areas to the industrial communications network is vital.


  • Easy integration of applications into existing software

  • Fast data exchange with SIMATIC S7-PLCs

  • Direct communication between S7-PLCs and Linux-systems without additional hardware

Design and functions

Choice of protocols means added flexibility TCP/IP, ISO on TCP (RC1006) and ISO are supported as communications protocols. Older SIMATIC S5 and S7 systems can thus be connected to a LINUX PC without any problem.

The Ethernet ports included in the PC are used as communication interface - separate hardware investments are not necessary.



Article No.

Softnet S7 (TCP) for Linux (REDHAT, SUSE)


Softnet S7 (ISO) for Linux (REDHAT, SUSE)