Procurement and supervision of technical rules and regulations

DIN EN ISO, VDE, VDI, AD-2000 and international rules and regulations

Procurement and supervision of technical rules and regulations

We procure and supervise technical rules and regulations, both national and international rulebooks, that you require for compliance with your operator duties. This also ensures your compliance with central requirements according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001.

Rely on individual, substantiated, and partner-like support in:

  • Investigation and systematic identification of relevant engineering rules and regulations

  • Monitoring of relevant rules and regulations, including "alarm call" service including automatic supply of follow-up and update documents

  • Consulting on license management of rulebooks and legal databases

Document monitoring

Document procurement

According to DIN EN ISO 9001 the documents used as a basis for certification must be constantly updated.

Procurement of engineering rulebooks, standards, national, European or international regulations and reference books

We perform these tasks on customer orders.

The customer shall list the documents to be monitored.

These are then included in the document monitoring system.

There, the documents are monthly checked for up-to-dateness.

The customer will receive a list of changed and removed documents and evidence of follow-up documents.

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