Standards & Guidelines

Reliable implementation of technical compliance

Profound consulting and knowledge management for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

To ensure protection of lives, the environment and tangible assets throughout the overall life cycle of the plant, process plants must be planned, approved, and installed in accordance with technical rules and regulations. The same applies for operation and maintenance. Implementation of this technical compliance taking into account the relevant rules and regulations and on the basis of consistent utilization of all sources of information and knowledge networks is considered a fundamental duty of the plant operator. For this purpose, an uninterrupted and regulation-based process chain is required for every step and for all items/entities involved, ranging from planning to specification, to construction, to operation and through to maintenance of a plant. The large number of laws, standards, and technical rules and their ongoing modification and update represent a challenge for Technical Compliance. In such situations, cooperation with an experienced and competent partner provides great advantages.

Standards & Guidelines

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