Material flow optimization

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Volker Westphal 

Senior Account Manager

Tel.:  49 (69) 797-84530

Material flow optimization

Cost avoidance due to optimized processes

The reduction of stock turnovers, order-based manufacturing and reduced production cycle times are factors requiring high-performance logistics solutions. Supply chain management is becoming a more and more important factor which influences the economic success of a company.

This calls for concepts which optimize the material flow within the existing surroundings, thereby increasing the production capacity.

How can material flows be optimized?

Based on a questionnaire, we determine and analyze the current production sequence and the storage situation. This allows us to obtain an overview of the logistics processes of your plant and to develop and qualitatively assess first approaches for optimizations. By means of redesign (2D and 3D), simulation and assessment of the optimization possibilities, optimization alternatives are developed. The subsequent basic and detail engineering includes the

  • preparation of specifications and invitation-to-tender documents

  • regulatory management (i.e. contacts with authorities) support

  • contracting of technical disciplines

  • contract management and scheduling support

  • start-up and commissioning support

Naturally, we can also perform these tasks independently from each other, based on your own design and optimization goals.

Field of application

Processes and sequences in the production and intralogistics of the process industry.

Key aspects

  • Plant design and realization of logistics facilities and systems

  • Material flow optimization based on simulations

  • Optimization of logistics processes

Your benefits at a glance!

  • Reduction of logistics costs

  • Optimization of processes and sequences

  • Increase of plant performance

  • Increase of plant flexibility and reliability

  • Design, invitation to tender, project management, construction management and scheduling from a single source

  • Long standing expertise in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Key topics

  • Analysis of the customer’s current situation (products, layout, sequence of activities, material flow, storage)

  • Determination of optimization approaches

  • Conceptual design (including design alternatives)

  • Design validation via simulation of the favored solution

  • Detail design of material flow and storage technology

  • Preparation of plant layouts

  • Calculation of invest and design costs

  • Preparation of specifications and invitations to bid

  • Call for tenders and contracting of services

  • Coordination of the technical disciplines and interface management during engineering and construction of the logistics plant

  • Construction management and inspection of technical design

  • Start-up and commissioning support

  • Project management (scheduling, cost control, quality control)