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Dr. Bert Vollbrecht 

Head of EC PS

Dr. Jürgen Hess 

Senior Account Manager

Tel.:  49 (69) 797-84631

Process Safety

All depends on the right combination!

The sensitive subject of process safety can be controlled only by comprehensive consideration and cooperation between the necessary professional disciplines. The right combination of consulting, dimensioning and lab investigations ensures a safe and economical plant operation with a high level of processes control.

Safety related consulting

Functional Safety Services

Safety concepts and analyses, evaluation of chemical and physical processes

Implementation of the requirements of IEC 61511 for safety functions

Dimensioning of safety devices

Substance testing

Careful selection of design scenarios and the determination of lab data form the basis for a safe design

Lab investigations of chemical reactions, thermal stability, burning and explosion behaviour

Our team of experts consists of scientists and engineers, as well as certified technical employees.
Through our cooperation in the decisive working groups and expert committees we have access to the latest developments and help to shape them.

The group Process Safety is represented in the following committees and working groups:


expert committee “plant safety”
working group “REACH-implementation”
working group “systems requiring inspection”, on behalf of IGR e.V.

working group “plant safety, occupational safety and approvals” state association of Hesse
working group process safety and Major-Accidents Legislation
coordination group Ex-protection


working group “industrial safety regulation”


International Group of Experts on the Explosion Risks of Unstable Substances
Energetic and Oxidising Substances (EOS)
Working Group Classification of Energetic Substances
Working Group Oxidising Substances
Working Group Revision of series H (chair)


expert committee process and plant safety
working committee safety-related parameters
working committee safe design of chemical plants
working committee reaction technology of dangerous processes
working committee plant safety by means of process control technology (PCT)


European Process Safety Center

IGR e.V.

Interessengemeinschaft Regelwerke Technik (IGR) e.V.
Kompetenzcenter Prozesssicherheit
Arbeitskreis Ex-Schutz elektrischer Anlagen

Ex Network e.V.

explosion protection (representation of IGR e.V.)

Industrie intern

working committee combustible dusts


Preparation of instruction sheets