Safeguarding Of Industrial Processes

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Dr. Jürgen Hess 

Senior Account Manager

Tel.:  49 (69) 797-84631

Safeguarding of industrial processes

Can your process be operated inherently safe?

An example of inherent safety: Installations in silos which ensure that the electrostatic energy of products, which are capable of forming a dust/air mixture capable of an explosion, is limited to a safe measure. On the basis of the safety-related data, the hazardous material properties, the process parameters and the process operation, we help you to make your process safe.

If these measures are exhausted, we determine the process parameters with which the remaining risk can be reduced sufficiently. Furthermore, we determine where and when an intervention into the process operation – e.g., with a safety system – is necessary and how to make this intervention both effective and efficient.

An example for this would be the timely interruption of a reactant feed to prevent an inadmissible accumulation of reactants.

We also examine which kind of the pressure relief can be used or whether this may not be allowed due to the properties of the materials involved.

An example for this would be a run-away reaction that creates carcinogenic by-products which must not be released.

Our range of services:

  • We identify which safety-related data is needed for a safe assessment of your process.

  • We identify which measures are necessary to operate your process safely.