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Dr. Jürgen Hess 

Senior Account Manager

Tel.:  49 (69) 797-84631

Project examples

> Safety assessment and SIL-classification for a new chemical plant / a gas pipeline

> Assessment of the safety concept for plants producing pigments / metal-organic compounds

> Survey of the organizational structure of a plant operator (as required by § 52a BImSchG)

> Creation of the explosion protection concept and the explosion protection document for a powder processing plant

Safety-related consulting

- Joining forces for a safe plant operation

Your plant has to comply with state of the art safety technology?
You require a safety concept that fits your process?
You aim for an efficient safety system?
You aim to optimize safety and costs at the same time?

For new plant designs or changes to existing plants:
Our interdisciplinary team of experienced chemists and engineers finds the safe solution for your plant.

For the verification of your process safety concept you can rely on our experts for reports according to § 29a BImSchG (Federal Immissions Control Act).

Safety studies

Safeguarding of processes

safety assessment, HAZOP, SIL- classification, safety report (Major Accidents Ordinance)

Safeguarding  of chemical reactions and physical processes

Safety audits

Explosion protection

Review of
·   the safety concept
·   the plant on site
·   the safety management system

explosion protection concept
explosion protection document