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Dr. Jürgen Hess 

Senior Account Manager

Tel.:  49 (69) 797-84631

Our experts

> Safety-related data
Dr. Maren Krack, Dr. Michael Nau

> Safety instrumented systems
Michael Stay

> Safety concepts
Dr. Jürgen Dornhagen, Michael Michalski

> Explosion protection
Michael Michalski

Expert reports according to § 29a BimSchG (Federal Immissions Control Act)

- Independent expertise for your safety

Many production plants of the process industry are subject to permits due to the hazards they present.
The German Federal Immissions Control Act (§ 29a BImSchG) enables authorities to charge experts with safety surveys, e.g. to review safety reports during authorization processes of chemical plants.

The experts have to demonstrate their knowledge and competence during an appeal and notification process. The experts’ work is limited to the individual areas of expertise and plants according to the appendix of the 4th Verordnung zum BImSchG (4. BImSchV).

Our registered experts under § 29a BimSchG (Federal Immissions Control Act) work on the following areas of expertise:

2.1 und 2.2

Construction of plants or plant components


Plant operation and plant design, as well as control of abnormal operation


Maintenance of plants


Supply of energy and media


Measurement and process control systems, process control technology


Systematic methods of hazard analysis

12.1 und 12.2

Investigation and assessment of chemical and physical properties of substances and preparations


Emergency planning and organization


Assessment of particular explosion protection problems


Experimental investigations regarding explosion protection


Safety management and plant organization

For the areas of expertise No. 12.1, 12.2 and 16.2: the appeal of registered experts covers all plants according to appendix 4. BImSchV.
For the remaining areas the appeal of registered experts covers the following plants according to  4. BImSchV:
Plants of No 4:  Chemical products, pharmaceuticals, mineral oil refining and further processing
Plants of No 9:  Storage, loading and unloading of substances and preparations

Our range of services:

Our experts assist you on all matters of plant and process safety or incident investigations.