Operator Training System (OTS)

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Volker Westphal 

Senior Account Manager

Tel.:  49 (69) 797-84530


Operator Training System (OTS)

Training simulator for efficient plant operation

What is an OTS?

What a flight simulator is to a pilot, is an operator training system (OTS) to a plant operator in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry – prospective plant operators can realistically learn how to run a process using a computer simulation.

What benefit does an OTS provide?

Practice makes perfect. Being able to safely handle a plant and to swiftly take the necessary action in case of process upsets is essential for every plant operating company. Since the set-up of the user interface is identical to that of the real plant, operators, plant engineers and product developers can practice the operation of a process under various conditions in a safe environment.

What’s special about our OTS?

Our OTS has three main features:

  • Dynamic modelling of the plant

  • Tailor-made scenarios: plant managers and licensors bring in their experiences

  • Flexible modelling: the process can be emulated as a whole or in parts

What are the advantages?

Training sessions on a regular basis provide high standards in professional education and process understanding among plant operators as well as optimized operator-machine interaction and shorter start-up times and safe handling of the process control system. Thus quality levels of the products can be increased during all situations of operation.