Thermophysical properties

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Volker Westphal 

Senior Account Manager

Tel.:  49 (69) 797-84530

Thermophysical properties

Basis for process design

For the accurate depiction of the system behavior, the simulation of a chemical plant requires precise information about the thermodynamic and safety-related properties of the handled pure components and mixtures.

We determine the necessary parameters for you according to the state of the art. In our laboratories, a set of measurement methods is available for the experimental determination of pure component vapor pressures, vapor-liquid equilibria and gas solubilities. We are happy to advise you, what method is most suitable for your component system.

Other parameters such as densities, viscosities, conductivities, specific heat capacities, and surface tensions can be determined in our laboratories as well as properties, which are required in the context of REACH.

Siemens EC has an own property database containing data from the “Hoechster property database”, data from commercially available databases and own measurements. All properties in the database are being checked for plausibility and evaluated and thus serve as a reliable basis for each and every process design.