Membrane processes

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Volker Westphal 

Senior Account Manager

Tel.:  49 (69) 797-84530

Membrane processes

Experiments in laboratory and pilot scale

Membrane processes cover a broad spectrum, starting from the pressure-driven processes micro-,  ultra-, and nanofiltration as well as reverse osmosis. Other applications are diffusion dialysis, electrodialysis, membrane electrolyis as well as pervaporation, vapor permeation and gas separation. New developments broaden yet again this topic with the membrane distillation and the organophile nanofiltration. We assist you with our long-time practice-oriented experience to find the right process and the right membrane for your application. By means of stirring cells and overflowed test cell equipment, proof-of-principle experiments and membrane screenings are possible. In process development, operating data investigation and optimization of membrane processes, mainly mobile pilot plants are used, which also allow experiments in the GMP area. The elaboration of cleaning strategies as well as the correct choice of auxiliaries and antiscalants ensure the highest possible availability of your membrane plant. Simulations and cost calculations are performed in order to be able to take a decision on the construction of a membrane process. We support both the engineering process and the commissioning of the plant.

In case your membrane process does not perform as it should, we help you within an on-site troubleshooting or a laboratory reproduction. We perform membrane autopsies in order to determine the cause of membrane malfunctions and we develop solutions for avoiding unnecessary failures.

Oftentimes, membrane processes are not operated as stand-alone systems but are combined with other processes (such as distillation or crystallization) to a hybrid process. We have the required knowhow available to develop such processes.