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Volker Westphal 

Senior Account Manager

Tel.:  49 (69) 797-84530


Design, rating, and optimization of separators

In many different chemical processes there are mixtures available, which are composed of two (or more) saturated phases (gas/liquid or liquid/liquid). The technical separation of those phases is mostly achieved in continuously operated separators. Here, different types of construction can be applied:

In gas/liquid separation, the most common types are:

  • Settling tanks
    o      vertical separators
    o      horizontal separators with or without internals

  • Vane-type mist eliminators

  • Centrifugal force mist eliminators
    o       ribbed tube separators
    o       cyclone separators

  • Wire mesh separators

In liquid/liquid separation, there are the following options:

  • Vertical separators without internals

  • Horizontal separators with or without internals

We assist you in selecting and designing the suitable separator for your application.

You can rely on our long-time experience at our customers and our contact with several equipment suppliers as well as our own and commercial design tools.