Mixing and agitation

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Volker Westphal 

Senior Account Manager

Tel.:  49 (69) 797-84530


Mixing and agitation


The reactor is the core piece of a chemical plant – here the yield, selectivity, and productivity are determined. Its functionality is based on a “well-mixed” reactor content and is a crucial factor for the economics of the entire process.

Based on our long-time experience we offer an expert advisory service on all tasks in mixing and agitator technology and perform experiments under real conditions – no matter if a simple mixer or complex reactors are involved. The design is accompanied by mathematical-physical models and empiric correlations.

Our Services:

  • Manufacturer-independent selection of suitable agitators and static mixers for the basic unit operations homogenization, heat and mass transfer, aeration/dispersion and suspension

  • Procedural design and dimensioning including scale-up to production scale and technical bid comparison

  • Inhouse tools coupled with property databases and fed with geometric data for standardized agitator vessel, e. g. for the calculation of heating and cooling times

  • Scale-up capable proof-of-principle and optimization experiments ranging from 1 to 30 L at reaction conditions up to 65 bars and 300 °C

  • Interdisciplinary cooperation with the reaction technology for the modelling and simulation of chemical reactions including the required analytics