Heat exchangers

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Volker Westphal 

Senior Account Manager

Tel.:  49 (69) 797-84530


Heat Exchangers

Design, rating, and optimization of heat exchangers


Heating, cooling, evaporating, and condensing fluids are common procedural unit operations in chemical and pharmaceutical plants. The most widely used exchanger types are plate heat exchangers and shell-and-tube-exchangers.


Maintaining the competitiveness of a plant demands the permanent process optimization from the operator with the goal to reduce the energy consumption and to increase the operational availability.

The tasks in that context are the new design and the optimization of existing heat exchangers.

Assistance by Siemens EC

Recurring topics are changed operating conditions (e. g. capacity increase, procedural changes), occurrence of fouling, or the damage of the heat exchangers because of corrosion or vibration.

The experts from Siemens EC have long-time experience in the design, rating, and optimization also of complex equipment such as evaporators or condensers.

The additional benefit for the plant operator lies in the manufacturer-independent processing of the task (e. g. the rating of offers of different equipment manufacturers).