Advanced Process Control (APC)

Enhancing process efficiency with APC

In chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry a reliable base automation is state of the art. Every plant comes with a process control system featuring standard controllers with PID-technology.

In some applications this type of equipment is not sufficient even with extensions such as cascade controls, split-range controls or feedforward controls. Here, advanced process control (APC) can help. Under the acronym APC a variety of control methods is subsumed which exceed the capabilities of classical control systems, e. g. model predictive control (MPC), soft sensors, trajectory optimization, fuzzy control, neuronal networks or adaptive controls. Especially in processes with large time constants, long reaction times and interactions between multiple variables APC offers advantages over conventional systems.

We offer support in optimizing your control concepts from the first draft until commissioning. For this purpose we analyze the control designs already in use and fine-tune your PID controllers if necessary. Together with you, we develop, implement and commission new control designs. A training course of your employees and the documentation completes our services.

A control concept adapted to your process and your needs optimizes the economic efficiency of your plant. The deviation of process parameters from the set points and therefore the optimal operating point of the plant can be reduced steadying operation characteristics and allowing for better fulfillment of demands on product quality, reducing coolant demands or increasing plant capacities.