Safety Parameters

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Dr. Jürgen Hess 

Senior Account Manager

Tel.:  49 (69) 797-84631

Investigations on safety characteristics

- Basis for a safe plant operation

Only safe processes are profitable processes. Knowledge of safety parameters is the basis for this. In our laboratory, we cover a variety of experimental methods. We use resource-saving screening methods and perform, if necessary, extensive full tests. Individual test setups? - No Problem! We are also fully prepared for the examination of pharmacologically active and toxic substances and CMR substances thanks to our modern laboratory equipment.

We will test and evaluate for you:

  • Chemical reactions - Important parameters: ΔTad, MTSR, Tmax, pmax, (dp/dt)max, (dQ/dt)max

  • Thermal stability - Important parameters: Texo, TMR24, SADT, ΔHdec

  • Combustion and explosion behavior - Important characteristics of flammable gases and liquids / vapours: flash point, ignition temperatur, LEL, UEL, LEP ... Important characteristics of combustible solids and dust clouds: Burning index, ignition temperature, smoulder temperature, MIE, LEL, limiting oxygen concentration, pmax, KSt

  • Auto-ignition behavior - individual self-ignition temperature as a function of size, geometry, material, timing depending on the question